Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Ceberus to have Gackt

JPOP star Gackt will be a character in Final FantasyVII: Dirge of Ceberus. Fangirls everywhere will be flocking to buy this game purely for sake of Gackt, especially with him having two songs in the game itself.
Personally, I think Gackt has one of those amazing voices. But that’s just me.
Joystiq < Siliconera

  • Jordan

    i know i read somewhere that they even made a special costume for him to wear… an alternate version of Vincents or something…..could he possibly be playing as Vincents final form? (i think its chaos but i dont know) funnily though i think that this particular picture of Gackt looks like the character Vaan from the up and coming finaly fantasy 12.

  • AC

    If anyone knows where to find the 3 “G” reports in the game let me know.

  • My_Z’re right