ex-intel official says next terrorist attack will restrict liberties

Daniel Ellsberg is the former U.S. intelligence official behind the Pentagon Papers, a leak of intelligence documents to the media about the Vietnam War back in 1971. He also had something to say about our civil liberties:

“In a time of fear, I believe that the majority of the American people will cling to authority,” Ellsberg told the gathering at Columbia High School for New Jersey Peace Action’s annual luncheon.
“And if there is another terror attack,” Ellsberg added sarcastically, “I believe the president will get what he wants. And what he wants is a new Patriot Act, one that will make the current Patriot Act look like the Bill of Rights.”

Very true. This is a fact, whether or not people want to hammer on Mr. Elisberg’s integrity during the Pentagon Papers fiasco. Unfortunately for the American people, it’s not a time to “liberate” others in the name of “democracy” when our own civil liberties could be at stake with the upcoming amendments to the Patriot Act.
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