EFF: Bloggers’ Rights Fundraiser

EFF is running a Bloggers’ Rights Fundraiser. A little on EFF from Cory Doctorow:

EFF has launched a Bloggers’ Rights fundraising campaign. Bloggers are asked to put a badge on their sidebars encouraging people to sign up for EFF, and in return bloggers get premiums like tees and hats. More importantly, though, they get the freedom that EFF works to safeguard for all users of the Internet, defending your right to speak freely without fear of censorship, snooping or suppression.
EFF has won fights to require the cops to get a warrant before reading your email, to knock out parts of the PATRIOT Act, to kill frivolous copyright and trademark suits aimed at silencing criticism and innumerable other critical pieces of the struggle to keep the Internet free and open.

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