Dupont’s been hiding tests about Teflon

Dupont, the maker of Teflon, has hidden multiple tests and documents from the public about the chemical that is in all of our lives. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) chemicals such as this can break down and get into food and your bloodstream. Dupont scientists will claim there is nothing wrong with PFOAs, but there have been leaks in stories all over.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been trying to decide whether to classify PFOA as a “likely” human carcinogen. The Food and Drug Administration, in a letter released Wednesday evening by DuPont, said it was continuing to monitor the safety of PFOA chemicals in food.

This Teflon fight has been going on for years between the watchdogs and the chemicals industry. And now it surfaces to show it’s ugly face to the world. Yes folks… those stain-defender pants you’re wearing? Teflon coated. And if it ever gets in contact with something that can break it down… absorption into the bloodstream. Great eh?
Dupont’s stance on PFOAs.
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