AT&T Wireless becomes Cingular becomes AT&T Wireless?

Cingular, after spending millions to drop the AT&T Wireless brand is now on the verge of rebranding back to AT&T Wireless. This is due to the latest merger between SBC and AT&T. So what you thought was Cingular finally…. sorry folks but you’re really AT&T Wireless again. Or ARE YOU?…
Talk about a waste on branding. Just keep a name and stick with it. I’ll laugh if this rebranding gives Verizon more customers.
UPDATE (11/22/05 12:09PMEST): Internal memo from Cingular CEO Stan Sigman confirms that AT&T is only reselling Cingular service and there is no rebranding involvement (similar to how Boost Mobile resells Sprint service).
Via USAToday