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PriceRitePhoto: The NY bait and switch scam

It looks like there’s a troubling bait and switch scam going on with Thomas Hawk, a professional photographer that ordered a Canon EOS 5D from a Brooklyn based PriceRitePhoto and the amazing threats and scare tactics that they tried to pull to get him to buy other things along with the camera. The order was canceled but the threats continue. This is definitely another case of caveat emptor. Be careful of whom you purchase items from online.
Via ThomasHawk’sDigitalConnection

Bruce Davis… another non-blogger

Bruce Davis is a Guilford County Commissioner and your typical “taxpayers pay for my needs” politician and another politico that is a no-show in the local blogging world.
What’s amusing is that it’s been well over a month since the first and presumably last post ever on his “blog“.

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How newspapers should compete in the Internet age

Newspapers everywhere are hurting for profits while their online departments are skyrocketing late in the game. Now, there is an essay out on what the newspapers should be looking for and why they haven’t exploited this already since news is dominated primarily by the Internet.
Definitely worth your time to read this if you are looking to expand your horizons since it’s always better late than never.
Via Slashdot

Cable a-la wha?

I have an extreme dislike for my cable company. Why? They already charge too much. One of their major competitors that serves the western North Carolina area has a cable internet and digital TV deal for $80 a month. We pay in the Piedmont somewhere close to $100 due to separate charges. Now the FCC is pushing for a-la-carte cable television and I feel as we the consumers are going to get screwed once more.

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Windows Memory Diagnostics

Go figure… another program that is semi-useful from Microsoft. You can create a bootdisk or a cd-image to do a memory (RAM) scan. If you’re starting to see intermittent issues and instability where virus scans and spyware detection doesn’t have a break through, perhaps you have a RAM failure. It always pays to check it and this will keep you in the Windows “safe zone” if that’s your inclination.
DownloadSquad < Microsoft

Spook blogs

Looks like the intelligence community has began to hunt for information via blogs. They have even started their own blogs via the DNI Open Source Centre. What’s interesting is that while blogging has reformed journalism and media as we know it, it seems to have also reformed certain forms of intelligence gathering.

< SydneyMorningHerald

Firefox 1.5 released

While the Firefox official announcement for 1.5 hasn’t been made yet, many of the mirrors are showing up with the actual release binaries. Grab it here. One and a half more hours until showtime.
Via ForeverGeek

How to reset the Administrator password in WinXP

Using a hole and a Windows XP CD, you can reset the Administrator password if you don’t remember what you set it as!
It doesn’t cost anything and is an easy way around paying hundreds of dollars for software that can get you the same results. This does use an exploit within the operating system itself, but it actually saves an IT professional many many hours of rebuilding a system if the user forgot the Administrator password.
Take a look at the tutorial.
Via LogicalExpressions

Singing the Black Friday Blues

I’ll be interested to see the numbers show up for brick and mortar retailers by the end of this week. Why? With all the hustle-and-bustle during after Thanksgiving shopping, and all of the people rushing to the stores, one word can summarize all of it:


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Why you shouldn’t run Windows on billboards..

Here’s a picture of a Sprint billboard crashing with a Windows screen. Oops.