Xara releases Xara Xtreme as Open Source

Xara is releasing their vector-based drawing program in both Windows, Linux and Mac formats as Xara Xtreme. This is the latest version step-up for their product line: Xara X.
I must say, while I’m annoyed that I just purchased Xara X, I’m extremely happy that they’re porting Xara to Linux and making it open source. It will still cost some ($79) but that’s a lot cheaper than before and having multiple ports will make it wonderfully useful.
The current open-source market competitor would be Inkscape. Inkscape has never quite held a candle to Xara X, although it definitely is a nice tool. Xara has even sponsored a project to convert Xara’s formats to SVG so that Xara users can interoperate with other open-source vector products. Very interesting move on Xara’s behalf. I must say, it makes me love their product line even more.
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