The sub-$30 “Giantkiller” Amp

I have just purchased one of these for testing in my home audio. I know that I’m not even close to an audiophile but lately the gadget blogs have been erupting with news of a sub-$30 amplifier from Sonic Impact Technologies. Curiosity got the best of me when I ran across this independent audio review of the T-Amp.
TNT is one of the oldest audio reviewer sites. Yet TNT reviewers compare this sub $30 amp with $15,000 combos and have found very similar results. What’s there to lose? It’s $30.
And would ThinkGeek promote a hoax? I hope not. In any case, get one for yourself, break it in, put some nice cabling and power supplies on it and see for yourself how well it performs. It sounds like it’s wowing audiophiles around the globe so it shouldn’t disappoint.