The real truth behind why RIAA and MPAA sue the elderly and children

We all knew there was a reason why the RIAA and MPAA were chasing after little kids and the elderly, but no one had the facts…. until now. The real reason behind the RIAA IS:

According to the IRS, the RIAA spent $14.5 million in outside legal fees and $11.7 million in “employee compensation”.
Interestingly, Sherman got $1.13 million, but his boss, Bainwol, received a trifling $908,848.

Meanwhile in MPAA land:

It brought in $51.5 million and paid out $53.1 million, putting it nearly $1.6 million in the red for 2004, says its IRS filings.
It spent $8.4 million fighting the monster it created, dry-land piracy, and spent $5.8 million on lobbying efforts.

It’s amazing how much money these guys are raking in. Another reason I’d rather support Steve Jobs instead of those punks. Go Apple!
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