Taste of the Triad – Gauntlet is thrown at River Birch Lodge!

Actually, not really, but I would love a professional to give their opinions about this restaurant. I for one, am delighted another great restaurant to choose from in this town of one hour waits.
From TriadDiner:

Defining itself as mountain casual dining, River Birch Lodge offers an exciting and diverse menu promising to offer “familiar” foods never seen in the Triad before! Great steaks, seafood, pork and poultry, pizzas, salads, sandwiches…something for everyone.

River Birch Lodge just opened a while back off of Robinhood Road in Winston-Salem. While a bit far out of the way for most, this is definitely a diamond in the rough. It’s one of those places that open up and you never would think it was so good until you stepped through the doors. Thank goodness for those few initial hungry whiffs when you’re taking some Lowe’s Food groceries out to the car to make your mouth instantly water.

The food
We started out with some lodge chips. While the appetizer was good, I personally was anxiously waiting for the salad. You can almost always tell the quality of the restaurant when the salad comes out. There were many greens, along with some walnuts, crutons, cherry tomatoes, and dressing on the side. When the main course hit, I was in heaven. The prime rib came out exactly as ordered but marinated in an interesting sauce that gave the meat a slightly peppery taste. The baked potato was loaded, and boy do I mean loaded. All in all, I would probably compare this to Dennis Quaintance and Mike Weaver’s Lucky 32 chain. Same type of great food for similar pricing.
I believe there was a piece of cake involved too, but I’m not sure since I passed out from the greatness of the main course.
The staff
Perfect staff. Everyone was well-dressed and well-mannered. When the drinks were gone, the refills came in a timely fashion and the manager owner was strolling the premises like a hawk on nightwatch. He checked in on every table to make sure everything was just perfection. Thank you, Eddie.
The price is a little on the heavier side of things and I wouldn’t recommend going in torn jeans or a jogging suit. River Birch Lodge is a fine dining. Eddie Schapira and Scott Gerding have done well in placing a great restaurant slightly out of the way of Winston-Salem’s commercial areas. For location and times, check their website. I do hope that Taste of the Triad will go review them for a professional opinion. As far as this amateur is concerned, I’ll be going back for more delectables that make my salivary glands just squirt in anticipation.

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