Pepping up Windows

Tom’s Hardware has some incredible applications to turn any user into a poweruser without paying the big bucks. No this won’t make your Windows box crash any less, but it will make your life a lot easier with better user interfacing and a low cost association (free).
Support your open-source developers. These are the guys that bring you all these goodies for what…. the sake of the open-source movement, their resumes, and some good ol’ fashioned “hobbyist” love.
List of Open Source software that Tom’s Hardware touches on: 7-Zip, Abiword, Cdex, Cygwin, Dao-Setup, Ditto, Filezilla, Firefox, Gimp, Graphcalc, GTK+, Keynote, Litestep Installer, Open Office, Task Switch XP Pro, Thunderbird, Tinn, Virtuawin, VLC Media Player, Win Dir Stat.
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