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HOWTO set up RoundCube webmail for your server

The latest open-source craze has been AJAX programming and RoundCube has been the talk of the webmail community even in its alpha version. Paul Stamatiou will even go as far as to say “it’s better than Gmail.” In any case, check out the screenshots of it running in “alpha”, and prepare to be awed.
Then go read this tutorial on how to set it up for your server and wow your friends.
MAKE < PaulStamatiou

Marvel’s rendition of the Dark Tower series

Marvel and Stephen King have teamed up to do the author’s beloved Dark Tower series.

The first issue is scheduled to debut in April, 2006 with a hard cover collection of the first 6 issues released Holiday, 2006.

Gunslinger fans, rejoice.
Slashdot < Marvel

The failed Microsoft patch

Apparently the most recent patch by Microsoft is a dud. They did patch the CSRSS (Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem), the user-mode part of the Win32 subsystem, and instead they just added some validation code right before the routine. Unfortunately, if they did the research more closely, they would have found that the attack path came from multiple angles and the validation code only covered one single angle. Oops.
Slashdot < eWeek

Maryam Scoble – lessons learned from CEOs

Maryam Scoble has some brilliant advice for those executives in power… straight from her father:

He said: “If destiny ever hands you a powerful sword, cut your way through life and get what you want, but don’t ever cut down the foundation of another’s life and dreams.”

Man of principle. What a great quote. The one thing I aspire to become one day and that truly is the one issue with the corporate world these days. Executives are either kept in the dark about the corporations they lead, or they’re terrible leaders. Maryam’s father is a prime example of how one should act as a leader and how people today have lost touch with the reality of leadership.
Via Maryamie

How to get your foot in the door for an interview

There are a couple good tricks to getting your resume read. As an ex-college recruiter, I have to say that I like the one about sending a gift with your resume.
Take a look at some of the tricks to getting your foot in the door.
And just a friendly note: NEVER NEVER use neon colored paper… although bordered in a professional sense could get you great results.
LifeHacker < HowtoWriteaResume

Virtual PO Boxes

As a small business partner, I would love it if the USPS could do virtual PO Boxes. Virtual? How so?
Many users now have e-mail addresses that forward to other accounts. In a similar fashion, if there was a way to have a PO Box number actually forward directly to my home business, then there would be a lot more that I could accomplish without having to go to a physical location. Post Office Boxes are now very annoying for those that don’t go out to the post office every day and check their mail. If there was this forwarding solution, not only would the United States Post Office gain more in business, but it would allow many small home businesses to rise up with professional business addresses.
Just be sure to send me a plaque or at least credit me with the idea. Or provide me with a free lifetime account, that would work too.

Mr. Sulu comes out of the Enterprise closet

George Takei, better known as Hikari Sulu of the Starship Enterprise, has just come out of the closet after years of being silent. He has been with his partner, Brad Altman for eighteen years and the recent political climates and his latest acting role in Equus has inspired him to “come out.”
Good for you, Mr. Sulu. Good for you. Hopefully you inspire many other young people that are afraid to come out to do so. Stigma begone!
Via SFGate

How we as an society treat ex-cons

It’s a terrible thing when people come back into society for a fresh start. Even more terrible when there is a stigma that is attached to them. Bruce Schneier points out how convicts that have served their time are allowed back into society, but they aren’t even allowed to own large dogs?
I find it ridiculous to treat those that have rehabilitated like this. If the crime was not terrible (ie. murder, rape, molestation, etc) then the felons have served out their sentences. Even if you watch Dog: Bounty Hunter, you can see that there are many people that have learned their lessons and struggled to pull themselves back out of that hellhole of a life.

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Microsoft trying to force South Korea’s hand

Since the 2001 antitrust investigations, the South Korean FTC has been keeping close tabs on Microsoft. Now Microsoft is threatening to pull Windows from the South Korean market or delay updates until they get the ruling in their favor. Mafia “neighborhood protection” tactics? Pretty much so.
Slashdot < Reuters

Ask LUX! – Session 5

No questions this week. Sweet. We’re off the hook.


Answers? You want answers? We’ll give you answers… the day they put reflectors in the newly paved roads so we don’t have to kill ourselves drivin in the rain! Wanting answers. bah.

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