Newly paved unsafe North Carolinian roads

Almost ten months ago, I posted about how roads in Greensboro were terrible because the newly paved roads had paint that would reflect light in rain. I also mentioned how every road that was repaved had the original reflectors taken out and no replacements were to be found.
Guess what. Ten months later, I still find this EVERYWHERE in North Carolina. Pretty much every road I’ve been on that gets repaved that isn’t an Interstate has no reflectors on them. AT ALL. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. And it’s the same crappy reflective paint on the lines.
What bugs me about this is that I know governments have a strict rule of taking the lowest bid on construction work. This is how it’s been done for ages. But since when did we exchange the safety of our citizens for being “cheap”. Everyone that has lived here knows that the newly paved roads have reflective paint that don’t show up at all in the rain. I also know that paint fades and after a while, only the reflectors were the guides for the road. These were the only thing to drive by on roads that were hit hard by winter weather and erosion.
Let’s recap. What’s wrong with our roads?

  • Painted lines reflect light in the rain so line designation is useless.
  • No reflectors even if there were some in the old paved road, so line designation is useless.
  • I know it’s surprising, but it really actually rains in North Carolina

Will ANYONE fix this? There is no doubt in my mind the amount of traffic accidents caused are indirectly related to this serious offense to safety. Strangely enough, no one really seems to care.