Forbes credibility rating downgraded

Nothing much to say here. Forbes didn’t do their homework. Use bugmenot to access the article. Basic summary: Bloggers are the big bad wolf of Corporate America and that Corporate America uses blogs as weapons. Uhhh.. WHAT? You mutter… you’ve got to be joking.. no no.. we at LUX never joke (okay, maybe a little):

Web logs are the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. Their potent allies in this pursuit include Google and Yahoo.

Hey, look at that. Already, they say that we’re “spewing lies, libel and invective.” What, and I suppose print media has some decree to fight in the name of truth, justice, and the American way? Come on. If bloggers spew, the print media also has its turn at the projectile vomiting. In any case, read on. Bloggers are the bane of Corporate America:

Blogs started a few years ago as a simple way for people to keep online diaries. Suddenly they are the ultimate vehicle for brand-bashing, personal attacks, political extremism and smear campaigns. It’s not easy to fight back: Often a bashing victim can’t even figure out who his attacker is. No target is too mighty, or too obscure, for this new and virulent strain of oratory. Microsoft has been hammered by bloggers; so have CBS, CNN and ABC News, two research boutiques that criticized IBM’s Notes software, the maker of Kryptonite bike locks, a Virginia congressman outed as a homosexual and dozens of other victims–even a right-wing blogger who dared defend a blog-mob scapegoat.

I don’t know if Daniel Lyons is a reputable journalist, but here…. fact checked to hell.

  • The term blog was coined in 1997 by Jorn Barger. Joi Ito has entries since 1997. Started a couple of years ago? uhh no.
  • One of the geekiest blogs, Slashdot, started in September of 1997. Tech news and everything else.
  • Another geeky news blog, Kuro5hin, has been around since December of 1999. Opinion editorials.

There is nothing here that I see where there are attacks except perhaps politics that always gets brutal. Sure, you put out a crappy product, people are going to complain. But obviously that happens everywhere. Letters to the Editor for your local newspaper has that type of stuff including the political and corporate bashing.
Then there’s the blog protection firms such as this one:

“Bloggers are more of a threat than people realize, and they are only going to get more toxic. This is the new reality,” says Peter Blackshaw, chief marketing officer at Intelliseek, a Cincinnati firm that sifts through millions of blogs to provide watch-your-back service to 75 clients, including Procter & Gamble and Ford.

Yes, that’s right. A person that has had a beef with your corporation because the chances that your bad customer service or something has really troubled someone. Take Jeff Jarvis and his troubles with Dell. Blogged? Yes. And even so, Dell never really responded until Jeff wrote an e-mail to a VP.
Why do we at LUX find this awfully amusing? In accordance to the thoughts from this article: Ed Cone, Jeff Jarvis, Glenn Reynolds, Dave Winer, and the rest of the A-listers apparently run a secret underground organization to take over the world and us peons such as LUX are out to attack anyone and everyone that gets in our way. Begone you blasphemous Starbucks! Your shoes are rubbish, Nike! Where’s the real beef, you scalliwag McDonald’s! Oh no… Mr. Lyons is onto our secret plans to take over the world!
LUX CREDIBILITY WATCH: New York Times downgraded to “NI”.
CR – Credible
NI – Needs Improvement
LL – Liar, Liar

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