EULAlyzer 1.0

End User license agreements have you in a fritz? Don’t feel like browsing through 300 pages of legal mumbo jumbo? Check out EULAlyzer.

End user license agreements (EULAs) are the bane of most computer users.
No one wants to read through pages and pages of boring text before installing a program. And many programs put their license agreements in small windows that require lots of scrolling. So many people either skim them or skip reading them altogether.

But it can be dangerous not to read license agreements.
License agreements can provide information about the intentions of software, and other bundled components. Have you ever installed a program, only to have your desktop taken over by advertising? It may have been noted in the license agreement that you simply clicked past. If you aren’t reading the license agreements, you have no idea what you could be agreeing to.

You should always read license agreements before agreeing to them.
But now there’s a way of making that much easier.

No more abusive language that you’re automatically signing your soul to anymore.
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