@Converge – Day 1

I’m pooped. Here was my schedule for today:
5:45AM – Rise and scowl. Drag self through a shower.
6:30AM – Carpool with Sue and steal one of her Caffeine-free but cold Cokes.
6:45AM – Get to A&T: Start with sorting of last minute badges at A&T
7:20AM – Talk to IT people about the LEAP protocol and IRC. Uhh.. yeah, definitely a Windows oriented team. Nice people but I won’t go into the Windows thing.
8:00AM – People start filtering in. Sandy Carmany running front registration like a champ along with a couple of people I don’t know.
9:00AM – Spoke to Hardy, Roch, Billy, Ed, Don, Lenslinger, Hogg, Wharton, Judy Morton (did I miss anyone?) and a whole slew of other people I don’t remember.
9:20AM – Left for Lyndon Street Artworks with Jay
9:50AM – Get to Lyndon (after McDs and drink stop)
PA SETUP with Audio & Light guys
11:20AM – Get to Solaris
Waiting… waiting… still waiting… finally couldn’t get in made crazy phone call mess.
12:30PM – Get to A&T with Jay, we grab lunch and find some numbers to contact Solaris owners from Brian Clarey of Yes! Weekly. Talk to Chewie, JW, Michael, and some of the crowd above. Said hi to Dave Winer.
1:30PM – Head back to Solaris to setup
PA SETUP with Audio & Light guys
3:00PM – Head to Flat Iron
PA SETUP with Audio & Light guys
4:00PM – Jay took me back to Sue’s and I left for home.
Jay is still out there. What a trooper. He’ll be playing with his old band perhaps. Sweet.