Ask LUX! – Session 3

We got an e-mail from the grab bag! WOW! Wait one second…

I am writing from, a new online publication. I thought that you maybe interested in an article on our website about Chinese censorship of free speech on the net. The direct link to the article is

Many thanks
James Morris

Umm.. okay? I even bothered to go read the article. In fact, it was…. well… lacking. Very much. I wrote more in college on chinese censorship via Internet means than they did. But guess what First Post? This is your lucky day. Because you actually bothered to email the LUX staff, we’ll send some of our readers your way!
And here are our readers!!!

[ crickets chirping ]

Hello? Is this mic on?

And our READERS!

[ crickets chirping ]

Damn. Guess no one’s reading this. Sorry guys.
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