Terrible blogging loss if local GOP leader calls it quits

I must say, if Marcus Kindley does call it quits, it would be a great loss to the blogging community here in Greensboro. While I’ve gotten on him for spelling mistakes (pet peeve), and all sorts of political views, he is the one voice that speaks reason for the GOP (some of the time).
The only political blog I read and also the most interesting is his. Now I must say that I disagree with him on a variety of topics, but then again I also disagree with a lot of people on a lot of things. Just ask around.
Sometimes, I’ve felt like he’s the biggest moron of all with some of the things he said, and likewise I suspect the feeling has been mutual. But as of late, I can prod him into giving me an answer that I was looking for (not necessarily like either) and I can finally see his point of view along with factual sources. To me, he is growing as a blogger and learning the ropes of the whole cybersociety thing and grasping it very well as time goes on.
If you remain, then you will have to deal with my annoying views and pet peeves some more but realize that the respect is there whether or not our opinions differ. If not, then my cup is raised to you for at least letting me whine and bitch about my political views on your blog.
Disclaimer: None of the above reflect any of the other LUX staff except for mine. Me. Moi. So if you don’t like it, tough.