RIAA and MPAA are at it again: Joining Internet 2

RIAA and MPAA are at it again. This time becoming members of Internet2 project under the guise of exploring high-bandwidth DRM. I personally think that this is totally unexcusable.
If you’re going to chase after lawsuits, then do so. Do not join technology projects while everyone in the free world knows that you have alterior motives. If you do not, then we better not see ridiculous lawsuits upon Internet 2. If so, then you should be held accountable for not actually doing what you said you would (ie. exploration of high-bandwidth DRM).
You have been under scrutiny for some time now, but grow up! It’s like the bully out of elementary school still up to his old tricks. We don’t fall for that anymore. Apple has DRM, but has also proven that it can be done. If you want people to buy your stuff, there is only one thing you have to do:
Quit making crap.
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