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FedEx not in Greensboro anymore?

Go figure. I was on the phone with FedEx yesterday and I noticed that lately all my packages were being routed through Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem. Wait a second. I’m in Greensboro. Whatever happened to the Ground Terminal in Greensboro that was off the Randleman exit? Since I had to make a call to trace a package, I happened to ask the question to the nice lady at the Ground Terminal.
“Just wondering, how come my packages are being routed through the Winston-Salem facility instead of the Greensboro one?”
“We are the Greensboro facility.”
“We used to be located in Greensboro, but we moved to Winston-Salem.”
Go figure. We might have gained a FedEx hub at the airport, but we lost the ground facility. Was it worth the trade-off? I don’t know. I didn’t even know the FedEx ground terminal moved. Apparently other people haven’t noticed either.
UPDATE (12:30PM): Apparently the FedEx station off of Vandalia is still there (as far as everyone knows). For some reason though, ground and overnight shipping goes to the Winston-Salem facility. Why the station at Vandalia doesn’t handle Greensboro’s ground and overnight is anyone’s guess.

Online comic NYC2123 is out with issue #2

Cyberpunk comic NYC2123 is out with their second issue. In the same Sin City style, it reeks of wondrous goodness. Also downloadable to your PSP. Cool? Definitely.
BoingBoing < NYC2123

Cell phone hacking

You have a phone but the vendor that you purchase services from has you locked out of certain features? Perhaps you don’t really care if your phone blows up or you might kill it by doing hack because it’s the coolest thing in the world and being cool is your thing?
Then venture over to CellPhoneHacks.com and check out what they have to offer. Many phones and many hacks. Just take responsibility for your own phone when you break it.
LifeHacker < CellPhoneHacks

Federal Do-Not-Call lists work… as well as pigs can fly

Obviously these don’t work. I used to get calls to my “unlisted” business numbers as well as the residence even after having the phone numbers on the lists for two years now. Apparently charities and other marketing gurus have figured out how to bypass your numbers. No caller ID, no messages when the machine picks up, and no trace of a phone call. I’ve even had a couple act like they’re your friend in the machine, knowing some people screen their calls. Let’s use the name Steve.
“Steve… Steve? Are you there? Steve?”
Then they hang up. Apparently the Fraternal Order of Police of Winston-Salem sometimes uses this method (although they are allowed to call since they’re a charitable organization). Quite rude actually considering they’re not your friend, and obviously don’t know you on a first name basis. What’s strange is that even with the lists, no one pays attention to them. You can tell them to quit calling, but then they try again after a few weeks under another “corporate” entity. Telezapper? Been there, done that. Doesn’t quite zap those pesky ones that dial the numbers with minimum wage although it does reduce some of the predictive dialing systems.
Wall Street Journal has this amusing quote:

Ms. Greisman defends the FTC’s enforcement record and says that only a small minority of telemarketers break the rules. Her counterpart at the FCC, Monica Desai, says, “Consumers who have registered are getting fewer calls and, in cases where there are violations, the FCC and FTC have been enforcing the rules.”

Yeah right. Who’s pocket are you lining, because it’s certainly not mine. And I still get those stupid annoying dinnertime calls. I even get them after 9PM occasionally. Truthfully, I don’t see myself ever getting rid of these annoying telemarketers. FTC and FCC don’t do anything but sit around on their hands. The sales from the telemaketing far outweighs the minimal fines or lawsuit settlements that could entail. Even antitelemarketer.com has a list of things you could possibly do, but in the end -we lose.
As the consumers. Thanks for nothing, Do-Not-Call lists.

Triad still NOT invited to screening of Serenity

Obviously my cries were turned to deaf ears.
The Triad was still ignored while others enjoyed the wonders of the free screening of Serenity.
Well fine! I’ll lay down my sixteen dollars to take a loved one to see the movie while other bloggers got to see it for free. But never again will you tempt me with your stupid action figures!
Via Instapundit

Microsoft Vista boot time is 2-3 seconds? Uhh…

Microsoft is again making really bad claims saying:

A Windows Vista computer starts and shuts down as quickly and reliably as a television, typically within 2 to 3 seconds. Windows Vista processes login scripts and startup programs and services in the background so you can start working right away. You’ll also shut down and restart your computer less often by using the New Sleep state, a simple one-click on and off experience which not only reduces power consumption, but also delivers and protects user dat.

Now it’s not an actual “shut down” or “startup” but actually a hibernation. It’s also doing things in the background, just like in Windows 2000 and XP on bootup. What does this mean? The screen is up and pretty but it doesn’t really do you any good.

< Microsoft

Zander says no! to screwing nano

Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, has said that his “screw the nano” soundbite was taken out of context. Glad to see that you’re okay with it, but next time… don’t say “screw the nano” unless you really mean it. It’s all about the PR. The PR.
Engadget < BetaNews

MOTO does $30 FONE

Through the Emerging Market Handset program (EMH), Motorola is introducing $30 or less phones. Yes, you read that right. Using single digit margins, Motorola is trying to gain market share in GSM strong markets in the Asian regions. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any of these types of phones State side. But it’s interesting that this will probably drive the global market downwards and perhaps eventually drive the phone market into super-Walmart type affordability.
Textually < Reuters

Remember Verizon V710 crippled Bluetooth? It’s been settled

The Verizon class action suit has been settled. You get a a whole $25 of credit to your service contract, or a service cancellation waiver. You can read more about it on Engadget.
You know what would have been nice? If they just disabled their stupid software patch so Bluetooth wasn’t crippled. Whoever heard of disabling features of one product so you can promote other service features. Sounds rather crooked to me.
But rejoice in receiving $25 of credit! That will cover most people that have V710s for oh… about half a month of service.
Engadget < VerizonWireless

24Mbit not enough for you? How about for $42 a month?

Are you a bandwidth fanatic? Well, take a look at this. UK’s Be is trialing 24Mbit downstream and 1.3Mbit upstream for only £24. That’s approximately $42 a month and you can stream two channels of HDTV simultaneously. How sweet is that. With no download caps, and it is ADSL 2+ enabled.
Unfortunately, the day that it hits the States will be the day that ADSL providers raise the rates to somewhere around $80 a month, predicted by moi. State-side broadband is a rip-off, always has, always will.
Slashdot < TheGuardian