Nussbaum CFE looking for new director but don’t bother to apply

The Nussbaum Center for Entrepeneurship is looking for a new director as the current director, Tom May is stepping down on or before December 31st.
As the Board of Directors searches for a new director for the Nussbaum Center, I can’t help be proud that we have such a great incubator in Greensboro that helps small businesses get off the ground….
Until I heard the specifications of the job:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 10-20 years experience in “for-profit” environment
  • Profit and Loss and cash flow management
  • Leadership – has run businesses, study teams, supervised, etc.
  • Work related skills must include Quickbooks, comfort with financial statements, P&L management, marketing skills
  • Must have patience, good mentoring, ability to be “tough” when required, enthusiasm, entrepeneurial “fire”, excellent communication

Disclaimer: This is assuming that the position holds to the current state of the job.
You wouldn’t think this was a big deal, but my sources tell me that the salary range is very mediocre and there are no benefits. NO BENEFITS? for 10 to 20 years of experience? Forget that. I thought the point was to retain young professionals in the Triad region and maintain a healthy entrepeneurship type of environment. If we can’t even provide decent pay for those requirements or be flexible on the requirements, I for one know plenty of other jobs that are willing to take me.
The Board of Directors for Nussbaum need to take heed. If your goal is to gain entrepeneurs, those people are usually the younger folk that are willing to take risks. How do you recruit those people? With new blood. People with exciting and fresh ideas for recruitment and retainment. Not some older fellow that isn’t worried about how the next ten years will pan out. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age.
Good luck to Tom and his new endeavors. The Board of Directors of Nussbaum CFE really needs to be given a kick in the pants on how to recruit for the future. Otherwise, good luck to them finding a director.
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UPDATE (2:30PM): I’m going to also point out that there is no negativity towards Nussbaum Center nor its Board. It’s an observation from a young professional that is currently in the midst of his first entrepeneurial effort along with his partner and has had many fine things to say about Nussbaum. I’m just observing that requirements for any job, especially lower paying ones, have to be flexible to accommodate passionate but perhaps not as experienced folks. Believe me. I threw myself into most of my volunteer efforts with no experience at all and learned on the fly. On a corporate level, no one will hire me because I had “no” experience, but then again, everything comes with OJT (On the Job Training). To think young, sometimes you have to be young.