New wireless devices WON’T foil hijack attempts

This is coming from the Transportation Department that’s saying there will be wireless devices given to the cabin crew so they can notify the flight crew if there is suspicious acts and the flight crew and take action (such as immediate landings). This is somehow to foil hijack attempts.
Let’s put something into perspective:
Definition of hijack:

to hijack (spelling variant: hi-jack, highjack)

1. (transitive) to stop or seize control of a moving vehicle in order to rob or to reach another destination

Okay, so who’s the genius that came up with these devices. Last I heard, if you hold a prisoner in the cabin, it REALLY DOES make a difference if you’re going to try to reach another destination and I don’t see how an immediate landing won’t just allow the hijackers a chance to refuel at the expense of passenger lives.
Whoever came up with this was definitely thinking up idiocy. Give it to some stupid management type again to dream this movie plot scenario up and outfit it with useless technology outfitted by taxpayer funds. Bruce, you’d be proud of me for identifying this one.
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