MPAA tries to screw consumers with Broadcast Flag AGAIN

MPAA is at it again. This time, trying to push the broadcast flag through Congress yet a second time (we beat them down in June). Trying so desperately to sneak it on a reconciliation bill:

Reconciliation bills are an optional part of the government spending cycle, where Congress attempts to cut some mandatory spending in order to bring expenditures closer in line with the budget for the fiscal year. Since reconciliation is about cutting spending—something that always sounds good—such legislation cannot be substantially changed by the Budget Committee once it is presented, nor can it be filibustered.

This is after they lost in court over this broadcast flag.
What the broadcast flag is:
Basically, if you ever want to use your Tivo, VCR, or any type of recording device again for television, you won’t be able to do so. Broadcast flags basically is a way to deter uses of recording devices. That’s right folks…. THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO WATCH “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES” EXCEPT DURING THE TIME OF SHOW.
Are you going to take that? I sure wouldn’t.
Contact your congressperson and senators. Let’s make it 0-2 for that pesky MPAA.
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