Mobile phone inteference with flight navigations? More like human error

In Jakarta, apparently an aircraft descended on a deserted airport instead of landing at the correct one miles from where they landed. The Jakarta Post described it as an incidence blamed on someone on a cellular phone that interfered with navigational systems.
My answer to that? You’re full of it. As Matt Williams of N&R had shown me in a CAA study, the results given were proven after simulating interference right next to the navigational equipment. Even Matt himself said it could be “rigged” in a fashion although it would definitely be plausible for a smaller aircraft. (Thanks goes to Matt for pointing out the studies and giving his experiences from a pilot’s perspective). Safety is key, but this Jakarta incident didn’t fall into the interference camp.
MD-82 though? Come on. Not to mention, where was the air traffic controller? They should be watching flights come in especially when the pilot announces that we’re approaching the runway. Someone just didn’t want to lose their job in the end. Human error in my book. Justifying it with some cellular interference is frackin’ stupid.
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