Microsoft spending $100 million to market Vista

And guess what. I’m still not buying it. With seven versions to choose from, if I bought six of the seven, I couldn’t use the features across editions. What a waste of a $100 million for marketing what? Crap.
You know what’s funny about all of this? How much do you want to bet that the decision for seven editions came NOT from an engineer, but from some management type that was probably trained in marketing or finance and thought it would be great to increase profits with MORE editions.
Professional and Home already ticked me off. No one wanted Home edition. Did they learn from that? Of course not.
Microsoft, I hope you realize before it’s too late that you’re digging yourself into a hole and it’s slowly becoming the bottomless pit. Mini-Microsoft has every right to criticize his employer. You want to continue to compete, start acting like the engineering firm you once was and quit looking like what IBM seemed to act like back in the 80s with their mainframes.
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