Illegal Immigrants allowed to take certain classes at FTCC and GTCC

On the drive into work this morning, I was listening to NPR and found that Forsyth Technical Community College and Guilford Technical Community College were both allowing illegal immigrants to take credit classes at their establishments.
Somehow, this story annoyed me on multiple levels.
The first was where illegals have to have a social security number to gain access to education past K-12. This would probably mean fake papers to get the social security number. The second was that while they were illegals, they are also usually in the more impoverish circumstances and yet FTCC and GTCC was deeming them as “out-of-state” students due to some state law. This meant that illegals are charged more for what they might not be able to afford to take classes?
The whole out-of-state thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as do the fake papers. Either allow them to take classes or don’t. If education is the point of it all, then allow them the same opportunity if they have fulfilled their residency terms. If not, then don’t allow them the opportunity. This meet-halfway stuff just seems to me to try to gain more money at the expense of illegal immigrants.
And morally, that’s just wrong.