FEMA tells Mac and linux users to drop dead unless you’re “supahacka”

This is interesting. You can’t apply for federal assistance on the FEMA website unless you use Internet Explorer 6 with Javascript. It has to be 6. Not 5, not 7, just 6. Thank goodness that some people have figured out that you can spoof the user agent with Firefox and an extension called User Agent Switcher.
Now assuming you have no clue what extensions are (of which many people such as my folks do not) then you’re sunk. It takes some computer literacy to actually understand User Agents.
Microsoft has indirectly screwed many many people that were hit by Katrina. Internet Explorer 6? Yeesh. It’s like forcing kids to eat broccoli. Of course, in hindsight, this is the government we’re talking about so the IT person that was in charge of the FEMA site was probably a point-and-click type of person. Go Windows!
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