Federal Do-Not-Call lists work… as well as pigs can fly

Obviously these don’t work. I used to get calls to my “unlisted” business numbers as well as the residence even after having the phone numbers on the lists for two years now. Apparently charities and other marketing gurus have figured out how to bypass your numbers. No caller ID, no messages when the machine picks up, and no trace of a phone call. I’ve even had a couple act like they’re your friend in the machine, knowing some people screen their calls. Let’s use the name Steve.
“Steve… Steve? Are you there? Steve?”
Then they hang up. Apparently the Fraternal Order of Police of Winston-Salem sometimes uses this method (although they are allowed to call since they’re a charitable organization). Quite rude actually considering they’re not your friend, and obviously don’t know you on a first name basis. What’s strange is that even with the lists, no one pays attention to them. You can tell them to quit calling, but then they try again after a few weeks under another “corporate” entity. Telezapper? Been there, done that. Doesn’t quite zap those pesky ones that dial the numbers with minimum wage although it does reduce some of the predictive dialing systems.
Wall Street Journal has this amusing quote:

Ms. Greisman defends the FTC’s enforcement record and says that only a small minority of telemarketers break the rules. Her counterpart at the FCC, Monica Desai, says, “Consumers who have registered are getting fewer calls and, in cases where there are violations, the FCC and FTC have been enforcing the rules.”

Yeah right. Who’s pocket are you lining, because it’s certainly not mine. And I still get those stupid annoying dinnertime calls. I even get them after 9PM occasionally. Truthfully, I don’t see myself ever getting rid of these annoying telemarketers. FTC and FCC don’t do anything but sit around on their hands. The sales from the telemaketing far outweighs the minimal fines or lawsuit settlements that could entail. Even antitelemarketer.com has a list of things you could possibly do, but in the end -we lose.
As the consumers. Thanks for nothing, Do-Not-Call lists.