DHS and movie plot antics

Bruce is on it again explaining the government’s protection against movie plot threats. This time it’s in a Wired essay called, Terrorists Don’t Do Movie Plots.
An excerpt from the essay:

The 9/11 terrorists used small pointy things to take over airplanes, so we ban small pointy things from airplanes. Richard Reid tried to hide a bomb in his shoes, so now we all have to take off our shoes. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security said that it might relax airplane security rules. It’s not that there’s a lessened risk of shoes, or that small pointy things are suddenly less dangerous. It’s that those movie plots no longer capture the imagination like they did in the months after 9/11, and everyone is beginning to see how silly (or pointless) they always were.

It’s unfortunate that they don’t follow some of the advice that he’s given such as use totally automated systems for detection instead of human beings since human error is one of the key factors in poor airport security and how surveillance equipment does nothing to stop terrorism.
Via BruceSchneier