Cuts in funding for levees blamed on war?

The UK’s Guardian is saying how the cut in funding for New Orlean’s levees was due to DHS spending.

The damage done this time may be also linked to White House cuts in funding for hurricane defence to pay for homeland security terrorist defences.

Somehow, this logic is a bit off although my personal feelings would be to also point fingers. Somewhere along the line, some politician(s) made the decision(s) to cut the spending because they probably didn’t think it was important and it was a game of chance that he/she/they played. Obviously they lost, and effected millions of American lives in the process.
I personally am against the war, but blaming the war for all the troubles sometimes isn’t justified unless someone comes out with papers showing that the hurricane defense funding was indeed TRANSFERRED to DHS. If not, then it’s mainly blowing smoke in the wind.
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