Ask LUX! – Session 1

Disclaimer: Crude language might be included. The content is in response to the language format within the letters.
We asked LUX viewers to write in and here’s what they had to say:

Dear LUX,
Why is darkmoon such dillweed? He seems to run the show at Lux. Why can’t we get more posts from markh or ratchet instead of that chump?

Thank you so much for writing! As far as I know, darkmoon isn’t a weed of any sort but sometimes he is a asinine know-it-all. But we love him here anyways. ratchet and markh continue to post but are obligated to other duties outside of LUX.

I love your tips. Keep up the good work!

We’re giving away tips?!! You know how difficult it is to wait five tables and get that lousy 15%?!!!

LUX staff – What is the meaning of life?


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