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Microsoft XP due for Service Pack 3

Sweet. ANOTHER service pack for XP. Will this dreadful cycle ever end? Will there be an onslaught of administrators that refuses to install this just as XP SP2 caused a whole slew of security issues? Perhaps here’s to hoping that Windows XP will run better than Windows 2000 on service pack 4?
The saga continues, but the truth is out there. And the rumors are true. Service Pack 3 is just around the corner.
WinBeta < CNet

Ask LUX! – Session 2


Sorry to disappoint you but the Nigerian mail scheme is a S-C-A-M. And learn to turn off your Caps-Lock since it is ANNOYING.
See what we mean?
Write to LUX at: lux.et.umbra [at] firelace.com and be chosen to go in the grab bag every Friday….

Eighteen States look to drive Internet sales tax

…and North Carolina is one of them. Internet sales have been booming and one of the reasons that the frail economy has been able to hold out for so long. Due to the bickering caused by retailers citing a 1992 Supreme Court ruling on how it is difficult to calculate all the locality and state tax differences, these eighteen states have come up with a computer program that streamlines the taxation process.
Unfortunately for them, not many of the states have signed up for this project and thus the retailers are taking actions of their own. Some of the states also have not joined due to the streamlined taxation to be directed at the destination of the product and not the beginnings. Due to some states having the majority of the warehouses, they stand to lose if joining this process, such as the state of Texas.
The day this goes into effect is the day we suggest to consumers to purchase from states that aren’t within this agreement. Greedy state officials want more money to throw at their already over-budgeted projects that they can’t even control efficiently. Now they’re eyeing Internet sales like they have a right to it. The cybersociety is the difference. The day you actually use the money we pay as taxpayers in a efficient manner is the day we’ll ever bother to give you more.
Via WallStreetJournal

DIY Photography on the cheap

Nate Steiner of Design in Flight, has a great tutorial on how to do photography on the cheap. At a whopping $77.50, you too can imitate most of a studio’s equipment on a budget. For those that are looking to dabble in photography but don’t have the funds to buy the whole enchilada studio accessories, here’s how.
LifeHacker < DesignInFlight

Meebo – Welcome to IM’s next generation

devnull of GLUG pointed me to an IM based tool on the web today. Meebo. Using AJAX to create the messaging and probably some really scary DHTML code to make the pretty windows, you basically have IM in a web browser. We’re not talking about any ugly IM either. It’s an actual functioning window within the web browser due to DHTML of course.
So have a go at Meebo. It should amaze you. Unfortunately not open-source, but definitely one of those revolutionary changes in IM technologies.

ConvergeSouth Media Team and Music lineups

Props have to be given to my media team for working so hard to get things working both on the Internet technology side and the music side. We were sponsored by CarolinaNet, Audio & Light, Heavy Contact, and Rule Radio.
Most of all, I’d like to thank Jay Ovittore. ConvergeSouth is a week away and he pulled through like a champ and handled pretty much all of the music selections and handling on my team.
The media website for ConvergeSouth has multiple photographs for browsing as well as a link to the Internet radio of all of the bands and what music they provided to Rule Radio. There are also a couple of mp3s from the bands for promotional distribution. Even some films that will be released on bittorrent for downloads during the conference!
Jay put together the music lineups for Friday night at Solaris, Chumley’s, Lyndon Street Artworks, and Flat Iron. Saturday we’ll be featuring Alana Davis, with opener Swampboat.
Should be a great conference showcasing talent of old and new journalism (blogging) along with great musical talent. Hope to see you all in a week.

Recycle server parts to make handy desk organizers


Today I was given two drive blanks for an AS/400. Normally these would go right in the trash but I spotted an opportunity to build a handy orginizer for my far too cluttered desk. IKEA watch out!

Rather decent desktop organizer. Really more for the DIYer than actual home decor. If your girlfriend shops at Target, you’ll find much better ones, but this definitely can go in the workshop.
MAKE < TeamDroid

MPAA tries to screw consumers with Broadcast Flag AGAIN

MPAA is at it again. This time, trying to push the broadcast flag through Congress yet a second time (we beat them down in June). Trying so desperately to sneak it on a reconciliation bill:

Reconciliation bills are an optional part of the government spending cycle, where Congress attempts to cut some mandatory spending in order to bring expenditures closer in line with the budget for the fiscal year. Since reconciliation is about cutting spending—something that always sounds good—such legislation cannot be substantially changed by the Budget Committee once it is presented, nor can it be filibustered.

This is after they lost in court over this broadcast flag.
What the broadcast flag is:
Basically, if you ever want to use your Tivo, VCR, or any type of recording device again for television, you won’t be able to do so. Broadcast flags basically is a way to deter uses of recording devices. That’s right folks…. THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO WATCH “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES” EXCEPT DURING THE TIME OF SHOW.
Are you going to take that? I sure wouldn’t.
Contact your congressperson and senators. Let’s make it 0-2 for that pesky MPAA.
Engadget < Slashdot < Arstechnica

Harvey Danger’s new album: free via bittorrent

Another DRM-free album, this time from Harvey Danger. It’s been years since I’ve followed this band but for free, I’ll definitely take a listen and see if I’m still interested. What a great way to bring more listeners into the fray of things.
Way to go Harvey Danger.
New album is Little by Little and is available in mp3 or ogg format. Support them if you like the album by making a contribution or buying the album (with bonus CD).

< HarveyDanger

Why Bob turned to piracy…

Why did Bob turn to piracy when he had so much money? Millionaire to be act…. take a look. Here.
Based on a true story.
ScriptingNews < Eirikso