Why catching a movie just isn’t worth it these days…

Dan Gillmor:

John Fithian, president of a group of theater owners, tells the Wall Street Journal: “Here’s what we know about 2005: the movies are not as good. They’re not terrible. They’re just not as good.”

I think he’s being kind.

Right on, Dan! In the past year, I’ve gone from watching American movies to B-rated action flicks from Asia. I suppose it’s because I find the B-rated Asian films a lot more enjoyable than the tens of millions dollar productions that don’t seem as good.
My blame? MPAA. Instead of actually paying attention to actually making a worthy product, they make B-rated films at 100 times the budget. The SciFi channel usually runs these movies at about a million or two for budgeting. Instead of concentrating on what viewers would like to see, they’re out trying to be crime stopping vigilantes like in the comic books.
So listen up movie producers, production studios, et al. This summer, there have only been a couple of worthy movies. That’s too bad considering it’s one of the hottest seasons for production studios in the past. But until you get some good things on the screen that I can’t wait to hand over my $8+ a ticket for, Netflix seems to weigh in as numero uno.
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