Want to get published? Be a LuLu

Self-publishing is the key to reducing the costs and finding your inner-writer. Lulu makes that happen. Founded by Bob Young (co-founder of RedHat), Lulu offers a variety of ways to publish including print and electronically.
In case that doesn’t perk your interest, try the following from author Erika Dreifus:

Lulu tracks and pays the royalties. Authors may log into their accounts at any time, day or night, to check the latest sales, and they set their own royalties. Lulu’s commission is 25% of that royalty (or $.19, whichever is greater). Example: You publish an e-book. You set the royalty at $4.00. Lulu adds a $1.00 commission. The e-book price is $5.00. You are earning 80% of the total profit.

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