TSA looking to opt-out of Congressional oversight for Secure Flight

DHS is looking for some senator to front a bill that would allow the elimination of congressional oversight of the Secure Flight program. This is brought up after GAO found that TSA’s Secure Flight plans broke nine of ten congressional criteria.
This would also allow use of commercial data (ie. passenger lists) even though previous bills have not used such due to the findings that it is not effective.
While on the subject of law breaking, TSA also deleted some three million personal records used in Secure Flight testing (of which they were not allowed to beforehand). Upon the deletion of these records, they have violated the Privacy Act.
So in summary: TSA is looking to use a senator as a loophole instead of fulfilling criterias set by Congress. These guys probably never learned to play by the book back in elementary school.
BruceSchneierBruceSchneier < Wired