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WinFS beta 1 released to MSDN network

Looks like Microsoft FINALLY got around to releasing WinFS, the supposedly revolutionary filesystem that was supposed to be released with Windows Vista (Longhorn) and one of the only remaining things that actually kept people like myself slightly in Microsoft’s favor even though their operating systems have been pretty lousy in my opinion. Well, after they pulled it from Vista, it was all over for that OS.
Now they’ve gone and went beta with this WinFS. While I would probably venture to test it, I would never stick this on a production machine unlike a beta filesystem for Linux such as ReiserFS 4. There are just certain things that Microsoft does not do well ever, and one of them seems to be releasing great products in a timely fashion.

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Homeland security officer on trial for beating of Chinese tourist

EastSouthWestNorth is following the story of a Chinese tourist that was beaten by customs officers while visiting Niagra Falls. Zhao Yan, the victim, is set to testify tomorrow (8/29) through an interpreter. This case has gotten little news in the American press, but has been full-blown coverage in China, escalating into talks between the Chinese foreign minister and former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.
GlobalVoices < ESWN

how to make a live transparent desktop for OSX Tiger

Everyone has seen the transparent desktop hack. But to create a live one on OSX Tiger, you have to use Quartz Composer that comes with the development tools. A quick script will important the live feed straight into the desktop picture.
MAKE < randomaccess

How to make a solar cell in your kitchen

While not as efficient as the current silicon panels, you can create your own panels using some materials at your local hardware store and an electric stove to produce some panels that can provide 35-50 mA in the sunshine. Not a massive amount of current, but sometimes a little is better than none.
Hackaday < TheSolarPlan

How to turn your old NES controller into a TV remote

Kind of a neat hardware project. Shouldn’t take too long and you just need some soldering skills, an old NES controller, and an old remote (preferably the size of the NES controller) for your TV. Might have to cut it down to size if your remote is too big.
BoingBoing < Zerodesign

Man killed over answering cell phone in charger

In any case, apparently the Nigerian man got electrocuted by his cell phone charger. In NY, someone’s house fired up in a blaze after a charger short-circuited. Moral of this story? Don’t buy cheap chargers. Oh wait… they’re all cheap.
Textually < TechDirt

How to fold fitted sheets

This is just one of those things I could never do quite right, so when I found these directions… pretty useful around the house. Unless you happen to just take those fitted sheets and roll them into a ball or something.

  1. Hold the sheet inside out, by its two adjacent corners on one of the shorter ends. Position your hands inside each of these two corners.
  2. Fold the corner in your right hand over to the corner in your left, enveloping it. With your right hand, pick up the corner that is hanging down in front and fold it over the two corners in your left hand.
  3. Pick up the last corner and fold it over the other three corners. The sheet should now be right side out. Place your folded sheet on a table and straighten it, tucking in the elastic edges as you go.
  4. Fold the sheet into a rectangle and then again until it is the size you require.

LifeHacker < Target

China developing “Anti-Japan War Online”

One of China’s online gaming firms is developing an anti-Japanese war game, where you can help protect the motherland. You can only play as the Chinese.
This seriously bothers me. Many of my family of my grandparents’ generation were killed or fled from the Japanese. The few that are alive today are still haunted by the memories of the Sino-Japanese war and the Communists.
While the Chinese (Communist) government was the eventual force that drove out the Japanese – it was another time, another place. If the game would allow play on both sides, similar to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or other war games, it would be better. The whole one-sided deal makes it a political play that is hard to swallow.

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The X Lab

The X Lab is a MacOS X resource site with every FAQ from basic system configurations to kernel panics. Very useful for the MacOSX user looking for troubleshooting help.
LifeHacker < TheXLab

Gary Rivlin: Google is the Borg. Jason Calacanis: Cry me a river.

Jason Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc. had a few choice words for Gary Rivlin’s NY Time piece today. Gary writes how Google is becoming the Microsoft of Silicon Valley and no one can get funding or talent because of the search giant.
See what Jason has to say here. This is what makes a successful venture versus a unsuccessful one.
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