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Florida US Attorney fight against pornography

It’s one thing when a US Attorney is fighting against child pornography. It’s another when he places your regular ol’ porno above terrorism, organized crime, and everything else.
Apparently interim U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta of Florida has said that prosecuting obscenity was a top priority of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

His own prosecutors have warned Acosta that prioritizing adult porn would reduce resources for prosecuting other crimes, including porn involving children. According to high-level sources who did not want to be identified, Acosta has assigned prosecutors porn cases over their objections.

Gee. is that so? Pornography is so bad that it’s ranked above drugs? In South Florida?? Come on. Look at more of this.

“Compared to terrorism, public corruption and narcotics, [pornography] is no worse than dropping gum on the sidewalk,” said Stephen Bronis, a partner at Zuckerman Spaeder in Miami and chair of the white-collar crime division of the American Bar Association. “With so many other problems in this area, this is absolutely ridiculous.”

Now here’s the deal. Personally, I see no issue with pornography, but some do. You don’t like it, then don’t watch it. You do what you want, in your own home, behind closed doors. Some people like to be kinky. Some don’t. Most Christian groups would probably say you’re going to hell if you spank that monkey. But with all the drug smuggling, child pornography, and all of the other felonious crimes going on, this is a ridiculous waste of government resources.
Priorities, people, priorities.
Law.com < Fleshbot

Verizon might get the Motorola Q?

Verizon is already getting the CDMA version of the RAZR. But Motorola’s new qwerty-based PDA phone, named Q, could also be coming to the land of CDMA. Word has it that there will be EVDO support on the CDMA Q just like the CDMA RAZR. Wonder if Santa will be sporting the batwings this year…
Engadget < Smartphonethoughts

Instapundit victim of mass delinking

Apparently Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit, is being victimized by organized right due to him saying that demonizing the ACLU was “silly”.
Okay. So basically people are pissed because he voiced his opinion? Whatever happened to freedom of speech. What about the fact that human beings are human based on being able to make individual decisions?
While I don’t always agree with Glenn on everything he says, I find it amusing that people are attacking him by “mass delinking“. Oh no. I’m sure Glenn is laughing all the way to the bank with this one.
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Comparing OS X Tiger and Vista Beta 1

Slashdot posted a link to an interesting article that compares/contrasts Tiger and Vista. Since it’s located on a Windows ‘SuperSite’, there seems to be a little bias…I’ll let you guess which way it goes. Nonetheless the article does go through some of the key features for both more on the look and feel. The next article, when released, will dig into the security, networking, and power management – that should be interesting comparing a functional OS with an early level beta version.
Read all about it here.

LUX2 in process!

I got sick of some of the issues that was happening with LUX using Berkeley DB and the minimal support that MovableType could give for it. SO I decided to switch to MySQL. Unfortunately there was a database corruption and I had to redo the whole blog, losing the templating in the process. So until I get around to fixing it, please bear with us.

LUX Staff

How to select a digital video camera

Small Dog Video has a great tutorial on how to select a digital video camera. I thoroughly suggest reading through this if you’re looking to purchase a video camera and you’re not an videophile like the guy that works the Best Buy camera section.
Shh… no one will ever have to know that you never knew the difference between digital and optical zoom until now…
LifeHacker < SmallDogVideo

VentureGSO: All heart but lost the way

Sue pointed out that VentureGSO is on its way, today. I have known about this Action Greensboro, Greensboro Public Library and RF Micro Devices partnership for a while now. And it won’t work. Why? The heart is there, but everything seems to be going forward for the wrong reasons.

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Five reasons not to use Linux

Linux Watch has a humorous article on the five reasons why people DON’T try linux.

  1. Linux is too complicated
  2. Linux is a pain to set up
  3. Linux doesn’t have enough applications
  4. Linux isn’t secure
  5. Linux is more expensive

What’s most amusing about this article is that it answers each and every one with detail and differences with the Microsoft product line. Now really…. why is it that you don’t try Linux again?
Slashdot < LinuxWatch

Celebrate 10th anniversary of Opera with a free registration code, Today only!

There is a free registered version of Opera for today only! Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Opera.

For one day only, you can get an ad-free version of Opera. Simply go here. This offer is valid from 12 a.m. Tuesday, August 30 to 12 a.m. Wednesday, August 31 2005 (PDT).

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How to request your TSA records

For those of you that travel a lot, and dislike the whole Big Brother invading your privacy thing, here is a good step-by-step on how to request your records from the TSA.
Remember that TSA violated the Privacy Act by collection 100 million records from commercial databases even after Congress told them that they could not.

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