Why IE7’s Phishing feature is plainly stupid

Interesting that people actually see some use of the IE7’s beta features, especially the feature on phishing. This morning, a colleague of mine and I were IMing about the ridiculousness of Microsoft’s IE7 and how the only unique feature between Firefox and IE7 was the phishing filter.
Then he went to point out why it was bad. Microsoft is doing a URL block. “That is true,” I replied after further study of the beta. “And phishing sites only stay live for an average of two days now,” I said thoughtfully. “Exactly,” he answered.
Back in March of this year (2005), phishing sites were on average staying alive for six days. May of the same year, the Anti-Phishing Working Group shows on average 5.8 days of live activity.
The way Microsoft implemented it gives you a false sense of security. It doesn’t do squat, seeing that most phishing sites have no URL and probably aren’t documented until it’s too late (Microsoft compares the phishing sites to a list). If you must have it in Firefox, it already exists in extensions. Dan, my friend, your request was answered even before you asked.