Two Chinas: Part II

Disclosure: Yes, I am an ABC (American Born Chinese). On with the commentary. Part I is here.
I am forever reminded of people making decisions while being uneducated on the subject matters when it comes to Asian culture, politics and history.

The News and Record did a column by independent columnist Rosemary Roberts on how China is not a military threat on July 8th. In it, Ms. Roberts claimed that there was nothing to fear from China as a military power. What’s to fear? They have already dominated economically.
This is easily looked upon as American greed gettin the best of us. For years, we have been acquiring product lines from China because it was cheaper to produce and import than to make in our own country. Now China holds pretty much the all the cards when it comes to manufacturing…. pretty much everything. Oh well, c’est la vie.
Ms. Roberts quotes a couple from the Midwest:

3) if China started firing missiles at Taiwan, the independent island-nation that China claims to be an integral part of China.

Sorry. Taiwan is an independent state, not a nation. One nation, two governments. Read your history books. Ms. Roberts’ goes on:

But Item 3 (Taiwan) is the long shot. Despite China’s angry noises about Taiwan, it has reason to pause. The Bush administration has said it would defend Taiwan from an unprovoked attack.

Defend Taiwan? Come on. American corporations would suffer billions if we did anything with Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. The more likely story is that we need them since we’re caught upon buying things so inexpensively. Philosophy class has always taught that Communism is the sibling of Capitalism. This is shown clearly here.
Ms. Roberts is a bit late on something that has been obvious to all American-Chinese.
Then in the N&R, the Letters to the Editor has one Mike Crouch that writes:

And, if we don’t think the Chinese are a threat, their military leaders certainly consider us the most likely military adversary. And the Chinese are in a rush to lock in their oil supplies. Sort of reminds one of the Japanese “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” of the 1930s and ’40s. But, not to worry. Rosemary reassures us there is nothing to worry about. I will certainly sleep better tonight.

You have got to be joking. The Japanese were looking to get us by the seat of our pants. The Chinese already have it. Take a look at the textile and manufacturing industry around you. Again, capitalism plays well when it comes to cheap everything. Walmarts are everywhere. We have gone to a country of bulk-sizing everything from fast-food to laundry detergent.
I think the issue is pretty plain and clear. Americans have yet to understand who the Chinese are and where they have been going. Understand the people and you’ll understand the plans. Unfortunately, by the time we realize what’s going on and try to wave down the China bus, the bus has already left for the next station.