Subway searches are movie-plot security

Bruce Schneier on New York’s new policy on subway searches:

And I don’t think they’ll be truly random, either. I think the police doing the searching will profile, because that’s what happens.

This is regarding New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelley announcing that officers posted at subway entrances will begin an random bag search.

It’s another “movie plot threat.” It’s another “public relations security system.” It’s a waste of money, it substantially reduces our liberties, and it won’t make us any safer.

Bruce is internationaly known as a security guru and offers this advice to those caught in this PR false-sense of security.

Counterterrorism is most effective when it doesn’t make arbitrary assumptions about the terrorists’ plans. Stop searching bags on the subways, and spend the money on 1) intelligence and investigation — stopping the terrorists regardless of what their plans are, and 2) emergency response — lessening the impact of a terrorist attack, regardless of what the plans are.

Sounds pretty common sense. Then again, political players are usually renowned for lack of that sense. We waste money on video cameras for surveillance of the general populace. Obviously they did London and Atlanta no good. All in the name in counter-terrorism. More of you taxpayer dollars flushed down the toilet.
Via BruceSchneier