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Rockstar deals with more stupidity

Rockstar has to deal with more stupidity as an eighty-five year old grandmother is suing Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games for engaging in false, misleading and deceptive practices.
Maybe Rockstar Games should countersue for stupidity. Apparently this grandmother didn’t read the “rated M” for mature when she bought it for her fourteen year old grandson.
I hope that this teaches a lesson to all. Get an education before you go around suing people for stupid things because the backlash can get really ugly when a corporation actually has money and is in the right.
Joystiq < Yahoo

Commenting on LUX

Just a quick note. Seems like as of late, more people are commenting here but not realizing where to comment. Keep having strange comments end up with posts with no relations until the realization hit that commenters meant to comment for the previous post.
Click the comments section BELOW the post. If you get confused, just scroll up a bit after you click it to make sure you’re on the right post.
The LUX Staff

Movie industry uses open-source? Wait one second…

Troubled he is. This is most puzzling.

Most of the major studios use Linux — such as DreamWorks with more than 1,500 Linux desktops and 3,500 Linux servers.

So you ask why, I would be troubled by the mere fact that Slashdot is reporting that major studios are using linux? To me, after all of the copyright infringement cases and trying squash Bram Cohen’s reputation (BitTorrent), they have the nerve of exploiting the uses of open-source? The nerve.
So they’re trying to make billions, making the users pay, making the innovators of technology that THEY USE face punishment and wrath. Somehow, this is not fitting. Let us view this in another analogy. This is like yelling at manufacturers for creating guns and then going out and buying that brand of gun.
Don’t get me wrong here. I am an avid open-source pusher, and my employer along with my business partners are all for supporting open-source. But then again, we don’t go exploit the goods of open-source after bashing it to hell.
So I have one little plea for the movie industry. Please tell us which team you’re playing on since you can’t be on both. Either help the movement, or face the Rebellion.
Aye. Young Master.
Via Slashdot

ESRB: Regulate yourself before you regulate others

I wrote about this on the ESRB ratings a while back. Strangely enough, gambling games are still rated for Everyone. Teen games? Apparently Fatal Frame is rated “T”. While a fan of horror games, my girlfriend and I both agreed that there were many parts to that game that were totally out of the 13-16 age group. Siren, which is in the same genre, is rated “M”. Want more? God of War is Rated “M” but has full frontal nudity in one scene. Did I mention The Sims has an nudity hack err… modification?
Now ESRB is going to punish Rockstar Games for a mod? HELLO? Anyone home? Obviously Senator Clinton along with the other so-called game rating specialists at the ESRB are in the same boat. They have never played any video games. Modifications have been around since the age of PCs. CounterStrike originated as a Half-Life modification. Quake would not have made it quite as big if it wasn’t for the modifications such as Quakeworld Fortress, or Weapons Factory Arena.
ESRB and political cronies: you need to get a hold of your powerhousing and redetermine if we gamers really care about your stupid ratings. Obviously they don’t mean anything since you promote gambling to kids, and what would classify as a rated R film made it as a PG-13 rating with you. MPAA even have their ratings messed up, but at least they’re semi-consistent. Your ratings are so out in left field, you can hear the crickets chirp in discord.

The Grokster versus Smith & Wesson argument

Some things in law never make any sense. Take for example the whole debate on Grokster. RIAA/MPAA won against Grokster for creating a technology that supposedly empowered people to infringe on copyright. We need not go into the good of peer-to-peer technologies and how it takes a lot of the burden off of Internet providers and servers by using the populace as an uploading mechanism.
While in the similar context, the Supreme court decided a while ago that Smith & Wesson cannot be sued for people that murder with their products.
So here it is in a detailed diagram.
Go figure. Talk about inconsistent.


Another piece of free PDF technology. PDFOnline is a free service where you can upload a PDF and they will send you a HTML version, send them Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, picture files, and they’ll send you the corresponding PDF.
This is assuming you never use PDFCreator which is free also, or Cute-PDF Writer.
Or you could have broken down and bought Acrobat since you needed to edit PDFs. Either way, another useful tool.
LifeHacker < PDFOnline

While Forbes’ ranked us last, we’re not Greensboroing anymore

While we dropped from 37 to the 40th spot (dead last) in Forbes’ major metropolitan areas for singles, I suppose that it’s at least nice to know that we’re in a metropolitan area.
Compared to San Franscisco and New York, is like comparing a prodigal art student with da Vinci, Raphael, or Donatello. The masters are still the masters, but we are painting the strokes and starting our own masterpieces.
Raleigh was #4, Charlotte was #33. Winston-Salem? Do I hear… oh darn. They didn’t even make it.
SandysPlace < Forbes

14 places to die in Shanghai

Go figure. Shanghai is becoming a hotbed of suicide areas for young adults. So much that now there is an Internet-driven suicide map guide with fourteen different alternatives to off yourself.

Get the GUIDE here

  1. Huichunji pharmacy sells sleeping pills.
  2. Suzhou Creek is uncovered.
  3. The #57 bus goes directly to the zoo. You can jump into a tiger’s mouth and die.
  4. The Kerry Center is 32 stories tall. Jumping off is 100% successful.
  5. A manhole cover has been stolen – jump into the sewer and drown.
  6. Cars under the Yan’an Road viaduct drive very fast. Accidents happen often.
  7. Changshu Road subway station – lie on the tracks.
  8. Fuxing Park — hanging yourself is simple among the tall, close trees.
  9. Barber stand at 1324 alley – steal a razor and cut your throat.
  10. High-voltage power lines – with 20,000 volts, electrocution is convenient.
  11. Wang’s Tofu Stand — crush yourself with a piece of tofu.
  12. Dafa Gardens construction site – there’s always something falling.
  13. Filling station – death by self-immolation.
  14. Free and Easy Sauna – death by suffocation.

BoingBoing < Shanghaiist

More inaccuracies about Taiwan

Funny how people love to defend democracy without understanding the history behind Taiwan. So as I have iterated before:

  • Taiwan withdrew on its own accord from the U.N. in 1979.
  • Taiwan is a state, not a nation.
  • While the US is all up and arms about defending democracy, there is no way they would drop an economy of billions of dollars for the rights of Taiwanese (not Chinese mind you).

Nostalgiphile points out some good points though on defending Taiwan’s freedom. There are also good comments by Scrymarch and by Tragedy of the Kurons.
Disclaimer on language in the article, of which might offend some.
Via Kuro5hin

Natalee Holloway? And this is more important than London bombings because…

Strangely enough, I read a Kuro5hin Op-Ed and immediately felt the exact same feelings as the writer. Perhaps this makes me a heartless person, but the feeling remains. Why? Nothing against Natalee and I hope to God that she’s okay and her family can get closure one way or another, but that’s the extent of the concern. Read the article and tell me that you legitimately do not feel the same way. If not, then I want to see receipts for the flights down to help search for her before I hear a peep. And a moment for the family of Reyna Alvarado-Carerra.
Warning on some language in the article.
Via Kuro5hin