Movie industry uses open-source? Wait one second…

Troubled he is. This is most puzzling.

Most of the major studios use Linux — such as DreamWorks with more than 1,500 Linux desktops and 3,500 Linux servers.

So you ask why, I would be troubled by the mere fact that Slashdot is reporting that major studios are using linux? To me, after all of the copyright infringement cases and trying squash Bram Cohen’s reputation (BitTorrent), they have the nerve of exploiting the uses of open-source? The nerve.
So they’re trying to make billions, making the users pay, making the innovators of technology that THEY USE face punishment and wrath. Somehow, this is not fitting. Let us view this in another analogy. This is like yelling at manufacturers for creating guns and then going out and buying that brand of gun.
Don’t get me wrong here. I am an avid open-source pusher, and my employer along with my business partners are all for supporting open-source. But then again, we don’t go exploit the goods of open-source after bashing it to hell.
So I have one little plea for the movie industry. Please tell us which team you’re playing on since you can’t be on both. Either help the movement, or face the Rebellion.
Aye. Young Master.
Via Slashdot