14 places to die in Shanghai

Go figure. Shanghai is becoming a hotbed of suicide areas for young adults. So much that now there is an Internet-driven suicide map guide with fourteen different alternatives to off yourself.

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  1. Huichunji pharmacy sells sleeping pills.
  2. Suzhou Creek is uncovered.
  3. The #57 bus goes directly to the zoo. You can jump into a tiger’s mouth and die.
  4. The Kerry Center is 32 stories tall. Jumping off is 100% successful.
  5. A manhole cover has been stolen – jump into the sewer and drown.
  6. Cars under the Yan’an Road viaduct drive very fast. Accidents happen often.
  7. Changshu Road subway station – lie on the tracks.
  8. Fuxing Park — hanging yourself is simple among the tall, close trees.
  9. Barber stand at 1324 alley – steal a razor and cut your throat.
  10. High-voltage power lines – with 20,000 volts, electrocution is convenient.
  11. Wang’s Tofu Stand — crush yourself with a piece of tofu.
  12. Dafa Gardens construction site – there’s always something falling.
  13. Filling station – death by self-immolation.
  14. Free and Easy Sauna – death by suffocation.

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