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In the Sunday paper…AHHHH! It’s my face!

Go figure. My face on the front page of the paper. Scary. I’m expecting a barrage of emails Monday morning. I love this community and where it’s going and I love the people. One of the reasons that ratchet and I have partnered up to start business that will be functioning in this fair gate city.
Thanks to the News and Record staff (especially Elyse Ashburn) for writing such nice things about me and the rest of the community service people and to Ed and Sue for pointing out that I was on the front page.
Here is the article.
UPDATE: David makes a mention too!

The incompentency of governmental IT

I will say that the Information Technology staff that I have “heard” about in most governments could probably be compared side-by-side to the Australian IT staff (management included.)
But this is the exact reason I have despised many-a-IT staff member for their incompetency by flinging around certifications like they actually meant something. Usually these are the same numbskulls that have never touched a linux box in their life, don’t know what CLI means, think open-source software means no support, and are paid somewhere between 50k-100k for technical fervor equivalent to a wet blanket.

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WiFi Gun from Defcon

MAKE is promising a HOWTO soon so I’ll be patient, but this is the latest WiFi gun from The Schmoo Group that can detect rogue APs and is built from a PPC device and parts you can scrounge from wireless APs. Too neat.

How to fold napkins

When I was little, I learned to fold the napkins at the local Chinese restaurant by reverse-engineering their folding patterns. I thought I was so cool. Now you can learn how to fold napkins too and wow your friends!
MAKE < NapkinFolding101

What is Quran and Shari ah?

I got bored and decided to catch up on some local political blogs over the weekend since my better half wanted to catch up with a college friend. So I wandered onto our favorite Greensboro Republican Party’s blog, The Chairman’s Corner.
Lo and behold, I find another baffling word as last time I wrote regarding his blog. This time it was the “Quran.” This post also had a funny way of defining Sharia Law.

I have a friend who had an idea about allowing the Quran for the Swearing in Oath in court.
This would be a new twist. He said he thought that we should maybe take it a step further and let those who want this to have their cases adjudicated under Shari ah Law. Robbers have hands cut off and so forth. Beheadings and the like.
Interesting concept. don’ think the ACLU would like it.

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Jahshaka: realtime editing and effects

Having been more interested in media-driven opensource tools ever since heading the ConvergeSouth media team, I found this doozy a while back but never got a good look at it.
Jahshaka is really a great piece of work. It already supports linux, MacOSX, Windows, Irix. It is a realtime editing and effects system that seems to me runs straight and true to the a lot of the older school tools that I’ve used in the past.
It allows you to run scrubs on clips, and maneuver transition effects and other modules into place to create a more professional looking movie clip.
And guess what. It’s open-source! Have at it!

Why IE7’s Phishing feature is plainly stupid

Interesting that people actually see some use of the IE7’s beta features, especially the feature on phishing. This morning, a colleague of mine and I were IMing about the ridiculousness of Microsoft’s IE7 and how the only unique feature between Firefox and IE7 was the phishing filter.
Then he went to point out why it was bad. Microsoft is doing a URL block. “That is true,” I replied after further study of the beta. “And phishing sites only stay live for an average of two days now,” I said thoughtfully. “Exactly,” he answered.
Back in March of this year (2005), phishing sites were on average staying alive for six days. May of the same year, the Anti-Phishing Working Group shows on average 5.8 days of live activity.
The way Microsoft implemented it gives you a false sense of security. It doesn’t do squat, seeing that most phishing sites have no URL and probably aren’t documented until it’s too late (Microsoft compares the phishing sites to a list). If you must have it in Firefox, it already exists in extensions. Dan, my friend, your request was answered even before you asked.

nLite – Windows installation customizer

nLite allows you to make a customized Windows installation including removing components such as MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, or the like. It also creates a bootable ISO image, allows unattended setup, service pack integration, driver integration and other features. All this in a Windows product that is betaware (v1.0 beta4) and is only 1.11Mbytes!
Requirements: .NET Framework 1.1
Should work with Windows 2000, XP, x86/x64 and 2003 x86/x64 all languages. Longhorn will be supported when it reaches RTM.
MAKE < nLite

Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage broken in 24 hours

Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage was broken in 24 hours of the release. GA was supposed to sniff the operating system to check if it was legitimate or not and report pirated operating systems. Now with a simple URL hack, the key check is disabled.
Via BoingBoing

Mozilla extension: Super DragandGo

From the Mozilla Updates page:

Drag a link or anything like a uri (e.g. “abc.com” ), and throw it to anywhere blank on the webpage to open the it in a new tab.

Why is this cool? You can download pictures and open tabs without right-clicking now. Just drag and go. Nifty.
LifeHacker < MozillaUpdates