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ConvergeSouth Media Submissions

ConvergeSouth is looking for artistry to be submitted.
Yes folks, we’re looking for short films, animations, photography, photojournalism, and music submissions.
So head over to the Media section of ConvergeSouth, take a look at the submission requirements. Browse through the current entries!
New media deadline is 7/31.

Fog maker and fog chiller

Ran across this tutorial for making your own fog maker to scare little children during Halloween. My current qualm about it was this one paragraph:

I’ve been told that overheating fog fluid can cause it to oxidize and produce toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. I don’t see how my fog machine design can overheat fog fluid because the fluid evaporates as soon as it reaches its boiling point. I would think the fluid would have to be pressurized in order to overheat it. Nevertheless, if you build a fog machine and the fog smells unpleasant or burns your nose, you shouldn’t use it in such a way that anyone will breathe the fog. The fog should only have a somewhat sweet odor.

Otherwise, a very fun project it sounds like. Especially for an underbudget haunted house type fun.
One key note: This fog maker produces hot fog. To make the fog hang over the ground, the fog must be chilled. Two different tutorials for for different types of fog chillers can be found here and here.
You buy a perfectly good fogger if you shop around for around $30 according to Allen. But why buy when you can make something that would be quieter, more powerful and cover more area? Oh yeah… maybe that one paragraph….
Via AllensHalloweenPage


I remember back in the days when I was a Magic:The Gathering addict and dueled many a kid for their rare card. This was probably about the same time I got the RPG (role-play gaming) bug also.
Well, this last week I went down to Myrtle Beach to enjoy some well-deserved relax time. It ended up at MagiQuest a couple times.
MagiQuest is an interactive game that according to its patents, use RFID technology. It seemed like it was more infrared to me, but I haven’t had a chance to break into my wand yet.
One of the more satisfying adventure games since this takes gaming to a new level. You actually run around a set pointing your wand and following adventures instead of sitting in one place. You end up burning probably all the calories you gained from eating that fabulous seafood while down there also.
Be aware that while it is mainly targeted towards children, there were MANY adults playing. It was actually fun to sit back and watch fathers try to out-do their kids and people with “no kids” that would come in and run around like a bat out of hell.
The wand costs $10.99 and is a one-time fee. Entrance fee is $7.99 for an hour of play. If you like Renaissance Fairs or the like, I would suggest you try MagiQuest. Only one is in Myrtle Beach, SC currently, but there are talks about openings in California, Chicagoland area, and Georgia.

Barstool racer

Barstool racing is like go kart racing but without a cage. These babies can go up to 50kph in about 5 seconds if properly built.
Plans for building a barstool racer here.
One thing to mention, the plans cannot be re-distributed without specific notice from the copyright owner. Apparently only Bar Stool Racing is the only site that is currently able to do the distribution. So point your friends here and build some racers. Then send the photos/videos, especially of barstool racer wipeouts!
Via Barstoolracing

USB Cigarette Lighter Mod

This is a pretty easy mod to make a faceplate with two USB front panel slots along with a molex connector on a cigarette lighter. Just make sure you have a strong power supply to support the lighter.
Or you could just buy one… but what fun is that?
Via IamNotaGeek

Google’s Site Search feature

Everyone knows how to type in Google the little bar, keywords for Google to find and it will trace through its vast index for matches.
Not many know of the filtering process that you can search with called SiteSearch. Here, if you type your entry and follow it with “site:” then it will search whatever you are looking for within the site located at the url. You can get even farther up the chain if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for by typing “site:
For example:

  • admissions site:mit.edu
  • 1090 site:.gov

Very useful.
Via GoogleBlog

Install Tiger from your iPod

You can install Tiger from your iPod. Neat.

Turn your iPod into a bootable Tiger installation disk. Here’s how:

  1. Make a backup copy of your iPod if necessary (it will be erased in the next step!)
  2. Using Disk Utility, format (Erase) the iPod.
  3. Use the Restore feature in Disk Utility to create an image of the Tiger DVD on your iPod (drag the DVD into the source textbox; drag your iPod into the destination textbox).
  4. You can then plug your iPod in any Mac and launch the Install Tiger software, let it reboot, and follow the instructions to install it!

Apparently you can do this for machines that just refuse to take the Tiger DVD. Very cool.
Via ForeverGeek

Drag and drog URLs in Firefox text areas


If you want to put an url that’s in your bookmarks into [a blog or forum post or new email message], simply drag the bookmark into the text area.

homepage name

will appear. You can also make a temp folder in your bookmark toolbar to save all your links for latter ‘dragging.’ This works in almost all text areas you can drag to.

Via LifeHacker

Transferring files between two computers via Firewire

One of the quickest solutions to transfer files is to plug both computers up with Firewire. Firewire 400 gives 400Mbps while 800 gives 800Mbps. This is about 20-50x the speeds from a network transfer.
All you have to do is assign IPs internal to your network, connect them up and there you go, with quicker than quick file sharing.
This is on the assumption that you have firewire ports in your computers, but both MacOS X and Windows XP support firewire natively. You shouldn’t have an issue.
Via LifeHacker

DIY Cell phone repair

Repair4MobilePhone has user submitted repair guides instead of going to your local provider store to pay and arm and a leg to breathe life back into your precious phone. Still up and coming with guides, but definitely has potential.
Engadget < Repair4MobilePhone