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11 Nation Raid on Software Piracy

Department of Justice conducts an 11 Nation Raid on software piracy as of Wednesday.
Operation Site Down
Groups that were targeted:
RiSCISO, Myth, TDA, LND, Goodfellaz, Hoodlum, Vengeance, Centropy, Wasted Time, Paranoid, Corrupt, Gamerz, AdmitONE, Hellbound, KGS, BBX, KHG, NOX, NFR, CDZ, TUN and BHP.
One thing to mention. They claim $50 million in software damages. It’s somewhat lesser. Software companies usually use each copy that is downloaded as “revenue lost”. In actuality, there is only about one third or less that download, that would actually purchase the software.
Even so, at 25% of current “damages” $12.5 million is still a hefty sum to swallow. Also between this operation and the last one, they at least stopped RiSCiSO temporarily along with Fairlight, which is another old gaming group from the 90s.
Centropy was the Fairlight movie division and Myth (game rips group) was related to someone large also. Next generation warez groups such as TDA (applications), and LND (applications) were also decently sized being more matured operations.
Slashdot < MSNBC
Dual post on the CYBERGUARD forums here.

Make an etch-a-sketch

With some basic electronic skills, you too can build an etch-a-sketch!
MAKE < Instasoup

Street Fighter II Salsa?

Those crazy Koreans are at it again. This time at the Korea Salsa Competition. These two are breaking out signature moves from Street Fighter II while dancing the salsa.
BoingBoing < Ncity

Build your own spot welder

DIY spot welder that costs approximately $130. Very useful if you need a spot welder and don’t feel like shelling out another $70-120 for a commercial welder.
Disclaimer from 5Bears:
Please, please don’t attempt something like this unless you truly understand the hazards involved. You must be adept at basic wiring, and must understand how a transformer operates. There are lethal voltages involved!
MAKE < 5Bears

Make an unofficial Flickr photographer badge

Make an unofficial Flickr photographer badge and be the next geek on the block that has one of these sweet things.
Screenshots of other badges.
Via FlagrantDisregard

Motorola i860 Flickr Easter Egg

Nextel has it made again with a Motorola easter egg on the Motorola i860. From Geosnapper allows you to take geostamped photos to the website. The easter egg allows you to upload the photos directly to Flickr.

The phone adds tags of the city, state, and zip code of where the picture was taken as well as adding a link to a MapQuest map of the location. To enter your flickr email press # *your pin* 8 7 5 0 # from the first start-up screen. So if your pin is 1234 you would press the keys # 1 2 3 4 8 7 5 0 # and a screen will pop-up that lets you enter your flickr email and password.

MAKE < Geosnapper

Senator Richard Burr on Real ID

Yesterday, I received another one of those interesting letters postmarked from the United States Senate. Ripping into the envelope, I realized that this was due to the e-mails and faxes when I was fighting to get Real ID canned from Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief of 2005.
For those that are wondering, that is the full title of the Act.

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Interview with Marcus Ranum

Thank you Marcus! SecurityFocus interviewed Marcus Ranum of Nessus and Tenable fame.
I’ll add some bold type that I have been blasting local IT staff about as of late.

I believe we’re making zero progress in computer security, and have been making zero progress for quite some time. Consider this: it’s 2005 and people still get viruses. How much progress are we making, really? If we can’t get a handle on relatively simple problems such as controlled execution and filesystem/kernel permissions, how much progress are we going to make on the really hard problems of security, such as dealing with transitive trust? It’s 2005, and IT managers still don’t seem to know how to build networks that don’t collapse when a worm gets loose on them. Security thinkers realized back in the early 80’s that networks were a good medium for attack propagation and that networks would need to be broken into separate security domains with gateways between them. None of this is rocket science – I think that what we’re seeing today is the results of this massive exuberance in the late 1990’s in which everyone rushed to put all their mission critical assets onto these poorly protected networks that they then hooked to the Internet. That was a dumb idea, and that fact just hasn’t sunk in, yet.

BruceSchneier < SecurityFocus

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iTunes 4.9 has been released

If you didn’t know already, iTunes 4.9 is out on their website. This proves true to the Bay area grapevine that Dave Winer spoke of yesterday.
The Check for Updates doesn’t pick up the 4.9 version as of this time.

Make your own blazing torch

You can make a torch that burns for hours with a little bit of cardboard, a can and some paraffin. Usual fire warnings.
Via BigClive