Spokane paper in midst of sting contraversy

The Spokanesman-Review of Spokane, Washington, hired a computer expert to pose as a gay man teenager in gay chatrooms to lure Mayor Jim West into some sexual conversations and online acts. The editors of several large national papers has agreed that this operation is not something that they would have done. Jeff Jarvis, of Buzzmachine, tells of the differences in the legendary investigation by reporters by the opening of the Mirage and the current sting by the Spokesman.

The lines get a bit fuzzy. But I do believe that entrapment, deception, and lying are not the best ways to get the news.

Update: Jay Rosen of PressThink throws in the other side with an interview of Steve Smith, Editor of the Spokesman-Review.
Buzzmachine < Editor&Publisher, PressThink

Personal note: Having gone to college only an hourish from Spokane and disliking the area… I have to say that I am not surprised that people from there stooped to this type of level for news. Shame.
Update: Even after reading the interview… using the computer expert. Computer forensic investigations are not up to media, especially when it accounts to illegal sexual acts with children. That’s a job for law enforcement. Double shame. Give the paper an award? Sheesh….I’d give them a good spanking if I was their parents for not knowing better when it came to media ethics and when to call the police.