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Mad as Hell, Switching to Mac

Here’s an interesting read about a small company who finally got fed up with WinTel issues and decided to move to Mac. There are also some interesting items dealing with ethics for kids using the Internet on the blog as well. Enjoy!
Via MacWorld

Another news organization decides it’s okay to play cop

Fox 12 of Oregon decided to play cop, judge, and jury by posing as 13 year old girls in a sex chat room. WHILE catching a twenty-year old that wanted to be beaten by the “girls”, this smells of more news organizations crossing over the fine line of investigative reporting and law enforcement.
Great. You found a masochist. Be proud that you apparently have the “right” to pose as young children in sex chatrooms for a story.
As the sarcasm drips like thick honey…
Via FOX12

resize text boxes

Anders Pearson has come up with a brilliant way to have resized text boxes on the fly. This allows the user to expand or shrink the text box size right in the browser instead of being statically dependent.

< resizetext

Beer Waterfall

Have you ever drank a beer waterfall? Check it out here. It brings back the days in college…
Via WayTooMany

Star Wars Ganga Rap Edition

This is one of the most amusing Star Wars things I’ve seen yet. Atom Films does Ninjai, and some other great animations. They sponsored Bent Reality for this little number.
Here is the Classic version.
Here is the Special edition version.
Via AtomFilms

NSFW: Full of Internets

This is a pretty interesting little rendition of how the Internet works for a new user… pretty funny and it’s all hand-drawn. Torrent is here. Download here.
There is even a PSP version of the quick animation.
Via DeadMonkeyComics

Greensboro City Budget coming up and I have a score to settle

And I want to know why we’re not implementing open-source to save taxpayers money. Yes it requires some thought, and probably a bit more “smarts”. But I’ve found one thing during the years that I’ve been in the Information Technology field:
“Those that use OSS were usually the ones that could get the job done with unique and low-cost solutions, than the ones that pushed for IT solutions sold by others.”

[

Office pranksters? Don’t let this happen to you

Office pranks are funny and make the long day go by fast. But don’t ever let this happen to you.

Drag and drop sorted lists

Simon Cozen first developed the drag and drog list example a while back. Tim Taylor has went and expanded on how to drag and drop sorted lists, buttons and more here in this tutorial.

< DragandDrop



domCollapse allows you to collapse and expand parts of page by activating other parts of a page.

To define a element that expands or collapses others add the class trigger to it as an attribute. This will automatically collapse the next following element in the document tree and add the functionality to alternately collapse and expand it.

The collapsing and expanding is achieved by adding and removing classes from the elements. This means you do not need to know any Javascript to make domCollapse behave differently.

LifeHacker < domCollapse