Netflix whips Walmart into submission… next slave… Blockbuster?

Walmart has conceded to Netflix. Soon, the customers of Walmart will switch to the movie mailer success. In return for the concession, Netflix will also remind its customers to buy DVDs at Walmart.
Blockbuster keeps driving online sales and a wedge into Netflix’ side. Will Blockbuster submit or die fighting?

< YahooNews

Personal note: I have always sworn by Netflix, even after they became the giant they are now. Reason? They decreased the cost for 3 DVDs a time, without my pushing them… and they did it automatically. See if you can get a cellular provider to automatically change your plan to the “best one” for the money for you.
Also, they have the largest Asian/anime for rent that I have EVER encountered. For the price, it’s not only worth it, but I get to watch Asian movies that I never would have even touched was it not for Netflix.