Greensboro City Budget coming up and I have a score to settle

And I want to know why we’re not implementing open-source to save taxpayers money. Yes it requires some thought, and probably a bit more “smarts”. But I’ve found one thing during the years that I’ve been in the Information Technology field:
“Those that use OSS were usually the ones that could get the job done with unique and low-cost solutions, than the ones that pushed for IT solutions sold by others.”

Why is open-source so important? It’s written by academics and others that are looking to better the field. It’s a shared resource among the technical community. Large scale technology corporations such as Motorola, Lucent, Hitachi, Toshiba, and IBM implement open-source technologies not only within products, but within their own IT systems.
Update: Locally, News and Record Interactive also uses open-source technology (Thanks Herb!)
Being that we’re an hour away from two of the largest supporters of open-source software, I find it almost blasphemous that the Triad has not picked this up and ran with it. Locally, many of the technical crowd has met severe defiance to open-source solutions.
So in the end, I’ll give this to the taxpayers… why are you supporting people that are throwing money at problems instead of solving the problems? Take the initiative and make the city see that there are alternative solutions to use. If they don’t understand that, I don’t see why we as constituents of this beautiful city should be paying for people that don’t think outside the box for our sake.